"whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these"


Gastón Nuñez is not just a survivor, but an overcomer. Coming to us from EFX, we watched him go from an insecure boy to a confident young man, with a heart like Jesus for the kids in the Barrio.  Rejected by his earthly father,  Gastón has found refuge in His Heavenly Father and has faith for other kids who were in the same situation, that they, too, can find their identity in Father God.

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Lucas Viñes just joined our National Staff team this year.

His practical knowledge and quick desire to learn has quickly made him into one  of Kim's right hands in regards to keeping the physical castle building running and in order.  He sees things to do and figures out how to get them done.

He is currently currently stepping in as regional leader for Northern Argentina that covers the Provinces of Salta, Tucumán, Santiago de Estero and Catamarca.  It is a huge area and will take all of his ingenuity to keep the ministry going  in Salta and Tucuman, and start it up again in the other two provinces. Please pray for protection for him on his long travels and wisdom as he ministers God’s healing to many broken kids, and sees them set on a pathway towards Jesus’ awesome purposes for their lives. 

Lucas Marin is a pastor's kid from the province of Mendoza.  He is a strong evangelist who is a big help in the training weekends as well as always ready to dive into whatever ministry opportunity presents itself.

Lucas loves God and has a desire to walk in His super-natural power. He has raised a strong team in his home church that preaches on buses, in parks, at hospitals, etc. and now he has brought that gifting to a National level. He is determined to fulfill God’s wildest dreams for his life and is not afraid to sacrifice in order to see it done.

Currently, Lucas is studying automotive engineering during the week and traveling almost every weekend to minister to teens. He is especially used to minister identity and healing to young men who are casualties of this orphaned generation. 

Malena spent her adolescence involved  in the ministry of King's Castle,  and she makes a great leader. She is very creative and responsible, as well as developing the gifts of the Spirit in her daily life. A fearless street evangelist, we are thrilled to have Malena as part of the national staff and look forward to seeing what God has in store for her while she is here!

Malena Godoy,  Although only nineteen years old, ' brings a unique perspective to the office. Coming from a one-parent home, and a survivor of parental suicide, Malena understands the pain facing many teens today, and she is a voice of hope that they, too, are not victims but over-comers.

Belen Sanchez  been part of Castle ministry since 2013. She  is dedicating time to this ministry  to help other teens find their identity and destiny in God.  Belen comes from Cordoba --what many refer to as the heart of the nation.  She is currently assigned to the greater Buenos Aires area as ministry coordinator.

Belen is also taking courses through the Bible school extension.  She hopes to one day work with orphans and throw-away kids -- establishing children's homes.  Castle staff is a good place for her to develop her giftings as she works with kids here in complicated situations, discipling teens, and leading people to Jesus here in our neighborhood and throughout Buenos Aires.

Karen Ferreyra is our chief of staff! The second of seven children in a pastor's home,  she is no stranger to working in the ministry.  Her heart for teens and kids is huge! She is an  incredible preacher in her own right and spends hours counseling girls as well. 

Karen is currently studying to be a special-needs worker/teacher as well as completing Bible school extension classes. Karen  disciples teens and young adults to carry the love and power of God everywhere they go and to believe that God will show up in answer to their prayers -- whether it is in the church, home or on the street! 


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Naty Arragaida also started in Castle ministry since age 12. After leading King’s Castle in her local church for the past three years she is  now on the national team to help train teens on a national level. 

The daughter of missionaries to Poland, Naty 
loves to worship and has been worship leader in her local church, as well as for many Castle events in her home province of Cordoba and for us here in Buenos Aires. She is currently composing children’s songs to be used in Club Castillo, Castle’s branch for children’s ministry.

Whether training teens, leading worship or composing music, Naty is a huge blessing and we are excited to have her as part of our national staff. 

Gastón wants to be a math teacher but his main reason is so that he can continue to influence kids all the time.  A rare combination of scholar and artist, we have been blessed to watch him begin to walk in his spiritual giftings as he fulfills his ministerial responsibilities in Buenos Aires, learns practical skills working with Kim, and studies to further his education.


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If one of these stories has touched your heart, and God directs you to bless one of them financially, please let us know.  Each of them receive a small salary each month but not enough to make ends meet, they are truly living by faith. 

Salvations, Holy Spirit Baptisms, signs, wonders, physical healings, emotional healings, words of knowledge, prophecy… they believe it all and are practicing and teaching it to this next generation, who we believe will be the last generation before the coming of Jesus Christ!