"whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these"


We need a place for our staff boys to live next year. This year, Lucas was taken in by a family that attends our church and the other two boys are living in a storage room.  This spot is where we hope to have a small apartment and study area.

So it looks like there are more construction projects ahead for us.

​If you can come or send a construction team down, you will be saving us thousands of dollars of rent money over the next few years. 

At this point, rent money is not in the budget, so we need a place for our young men if the ministry is going to grow and continue reaching & discipling adolescents with the gospel.

New Roof Needed!

When it starts to rain these young people have to scatter to find a spot where they won't get leaked on!  The roof in this section of our building is in bad shape and we need help to buy the materials and install a new one!

​​And new windows in our study area above the girls' bathrooms.                    Before and after

Thank you for helping us finish the dorms for our ministry center!

Currently we have two projects: turning two storage rooms into one dorm room for visiting teams, and making an apartment for our staff guys.

Now we have added a supervisor's room on one end of the study area.