Ceci, from the Province of Neuquen

While preaching on the Street, we talked to a man who was backslidden and fighting with many vices.  We asked the Lord for an encouraging Word and as we shared what we heard God say about him he realized that he needed and wanted to return to relationship with Jesus. We were able to pray with him and he assured us that he would return to church he and grow in his faith.

During our “Color Party” that we were throwing for the kids of the neighborhood, a bunch of new people came, among them Gastón. He was 15 years old and came out of curiosity. Two castle kids approached him and struck up a conversation with him. Gastón opened up and shared that he had lived in three foster homes, his step-dad and mom were addicted to drugs and that he had to leave school in order to work to care for his younger siblings. That day, after hearing about the hope we have in Jesus, Gastón invited Jesus into his life. He asked the Castle kids to teach him as much as they could and started going to the youth meetings at church. The very next time the teens went out to evangelize, Gastón went along with them to share the good news with others. 

                                       As told by Agustín (yellow shirt)

“Forget your dreams, throw out your plans because in two days you will be dead.”

Hi, I’m Roberto. During the evangelism that we did downtown BsAs during the Summit, there was a man that was paying us a lot of attention. I approached him and asked if anyone had explained what we were doing. He said no but that he wanted to know, so I shared about Jesus and my testimony as well. He wanted to give his life to Jesus, too. Then, I noticed that he had a cast on his wrist and asked if I could pray for it. He nodded and when I finished praying he had a surprised look on his face. He told me that all the pain had completely left his wrist. God showed His love to this new son and I was so thankful to be a part of it.

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This was how the doctor told Evelyn that she was in the last stage of Hodgkin’s lymphoma… a completely unexpected diagnosis. Upon arriving at home, amidst the sobs of her mother, Evelyn started up the stairs to process what she had been told, but each stair turned into a country beneath her feet. By the time she reached the top, she felt like God had showed her that He had not thrown away His dreams for her life. On Sunday, when she answered the phone, the doctor was surprised, “I thought you’d be dead by now,” she told Evelyn. “Since you are still alive, we might as well start chemotherapy.” 

What the doctor hadn’t counted on were the faith-filled prayers of Evelyn’s Castle group, church and a visiting team from California. Today, Evelyn is one of our students in our School of Extreme Formation, and we are doing our best to help her get ready to fulfill the dreams of God for her life.

About a month ago, during my personal prayer time, God showed me a girl who was worried about sickness but felt too sinful to ask God for help. I wrote down what God showed me and I saved it in an envelope in order to give it to her when God pointed her out.

Two days later I was in a park and I began to talk to a lady who told me that her husband was sick and that she was really worried about him. I felt like she was the one who God had spoken to me about so I gave her the letter, along with my phone number so that we could stay connected.  I explained to her how God had laid her on my heart and she began to cry. The next day she sent me a text asking how to get to my church and the next Saturday she came to our young adult service and gave her life to Jesus. Today, she, her husband and little girl are faithfully attending church and are thankful of how God radically changed their lives. God is good!

"whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these"