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        Hi, we are Kim and Shari Babcock and we work with King's Castle Argentina, a ministry dedicated to reaching teenagers with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We believe that God has awesome plans and purposes for these kids, not just for when they are older but RIGHT NOW!  We believe that when they make Jesus the Lord of their lives, that they receive the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Therefore, we believe that they can live holy and adventurous lives, rescuing their friends and family members from the lies of satan, and seeing them set free from fear, sickness and every kind of bondage.

        Please feel free to read the powerful testimonies included under "Castle Chronicles" (tabs found at top of this page) that speak of God's power flowing through ordinary teenagers who obey him and see extraordinary results happen.  Our  video shows some of these kids in action! Also, every Newsletter has true stories concerning modern day miracles centered around teens in the ministry, so you can check out some of our back issues if you want to be encouraged in your faith.  Facebook Breaking News (below) showcases the latest news and stories.  Family News will add a bit of personal information and photos about the Babcock family while King's Castle Argentina will explain a bit about how the ministry works on a national and local level. To see our Projects, to which many of you have contributed, click on the tab above.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or comments and of course, we are always blessed to receive prayer and financial support that keeps Castle ministry afloat. 

Many blessings and we hope to see a number of you during our 2013 Itineration year.

Kim and Shari

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What Castle Leaders are Saying...

          Shari asked a group of Castle leaders, “If you were talking to

      a pastor who wanted to know the benefits of having King´s Castle ministry at his church, what would you tell him based on your experience? Here are their answers.

       Castle Ministry...

  1. BulletAwakens the ministries inside of a teenager

  2. BulletGives the kids an identity and a team to which to belong

  3. BulletShapes leaders

  4. BulletTeaches kids to share their faith boldly

  5. BulletGives the kids a purpose and focus

  6. BulletKids become a catalyst that inspires the rest of the church in evangelism

  7. BulletTeaches teens how to know God

  8. BulletGives them a firm foundation

  9. BulletShapes the future ministers, missionaries, church leaders, etc.

  10. BulletHelps poor kids to overcome their “poor mentality”

  11. BulletShows them that they can minister NOW and don´t have to wait until they are grown up!