"whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these"


One Saturday, three of our students went "treasure hunting" in the local plaza.  Before starting, they spent time asking God to give them specific clues about their “treasures” i.e. the people of whom they were supposed to find and share Jesus.  Kathy, a student from Chile, felt like she was going to find a woman who was fighting depression, and that the woman would be wearing pink.  She arrived at the plaza and saw a woman with pink hair!  Kathy went up to the lady and began to talk to her about the Lord.  When Kathy asked if she had been struggling with depression and told her that God cared about what she was going through, the lady cried… then she gave her life to Jesus!  





     Lucas heard the name “Carlos”, while waiting on the Lord before going out to evangelize at our local train station.  He felt like Carlos was someone who had walked away from the Lord, and that Lucas would have a chance to talk to him about Jesus. 

​     Once they arrived at the train station he asked one of the other students “How do I find a guy named Carlos?”
     “Like this,” answered David, another student.  He started yelling “Carlos!  Is there a Carlos here?”  No one answered, so David & Lucas continued to strategize on how to find him.  As they were talking, the train pulled up to the station and several people got off.  David & Lucas called the name Carlos again, and someone turned their head as if to answer.  Lucas noticed him and said, “Hey, are you Carlos?”  Sure enough, that was his name!  He also found out that Carlos had walked away from the Lord, and Lucas was able to remind him that Jesus still loved him and wasn’t giving up on him.

When Fernanda began to talk to a family in the plaza, she felt like the Lord was prompting her to tell the father that God saw his family and was going to open some doors for him and help him with decisions. The father’s mouth dropped open in surprise because he had just come from Paraguay and was in the middle of getting his papers and looking for a job.  Fernanda told him that she would be praying for him, and the whole family showed up at her church the next day.  The following week Fernanda’s team again went to the plaza, ministered to more people through words of encouragement and prayer for healing – and the next day some of those people showed up at the morning and evening services. People are hungry to know a God who shows up in power.


Before we went out for a treasure hunt, in prayer, I received a picture of a fairy. As we were evangelizing I was looking for the picture that I saw in prayer but I could not find it. Just then, I saw a homeless man and I felt that I should talk to him. As I was talking to him about Jesus I noticed that inside of one of his plastics bags was a backpack with a picture of a fairy. He was my treasure! I had the opportunity to introduce him to Jesus and I believe in my heart that he knows my Savior now.


Our school broke up into teams of two and began to pray for those in our barrio. I asked the Holy Spirit to give me a word for someone and in that moment I saw instruments and musical notes. There were just a few people one the street so we decided to go into McDonalds. We sat at a table and two teenagers came and took the place right next to us.  My friend decided to talk to them about God. At the end of the conversation I asked them if they knew somebody who played a musical instrument. To my surprise, one of them named Juan, said he played the guitar. So I started to give him words of encouragement and Juan was so touched that his eyes filled with tears. He heard God’s message and was filled with hope and expectation.  Juan’s life was marked by the love of God!


On the street I found a woman who had a lot of pain in her hips for two years. She was constantly going to the physical therapist because of the pain. I asked her to rate her pain on a scale from one to ten -- she said “eight”. In that moment I invited the Holy Spirit to come and work with me. The woman became very excited and told me that she felt heat in her body  -- and no more pain! God showed Himself in that prayer and touched her with His love and healing. Escribe aquí tu párrafo.

The School of Extreme Formation (EFX: Escuela de Formación Extrema) is a 10 month training school for young adults who want to grow in the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that God desires to pour out His Spirit on all flesh, with signs and wonder following every believer.  Many times the very thing that hinders a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives is a lack of character formation.

In our school we develop the character of our students by requiring them to get up early, exercise, spend time with the Lord, learn to cook, maintain a clean environment and perform daily chores.  We develop the gifts of the Spirit by training them in fundamental theology, hearing the voice of God, prophecy, healing, words of knowledge, and then we provide a space for them to take risks and put into practice everything they learn during the week.

David struck up a conversation with a young man his own age in the plaza. Nahual told David that he was an atheist and wasn’t interested in talking about God, so David talked to him about other things. However, David kept sensing that Nahual’s right wrist was hurting, but was afraid to ask in case he was wrong. Finally, as the conversation was winding down, David took a risk. “Does your wrist hurt, by any chance?” he asked. The young atheist’s eyes grew wide, “How did you know?”
             “It’s your right wrist, right?” David asked again.
             Nahual nodded his head in surprise.
         “I believe that God showed me this because he wants to heal you and show you that He exists.  Can I pray for you?” Nahual nodded again, and David prayed a quick prayer for healing.      

              The pain vanished!
            After exchanging names and phone numbers they parted ways, David rejoicing in what God had done… and the former atheist with a lot to think about.

                                                Taking Risks, crossing the chicken line

Lucas, our staff member (22 years old) is known for pushing the students to cross the “chicken line” (comfort zone) and take risks for God. He was with two eighteen-year-old girls when they approached eight high-schoolers, five of whom proclaimed themselves as atheists. Lucas said, “Hey, I’m going to prove that there is a God. These girls are going to listen to God and tell you things that He says about you.” (The girls about had a heart attack when he said that, but quickly recovered and began listening to God). Then Yamila took a step of faith and said to one of the boys, “I believe that God showed me that you feel lonely every night and you don’t feel like you have any friends. And God knows you have issues with your dad and He wants to be your father.” The young man’s eyes filled with tears and Lucas quickly ushered him off to the side to talk privately with Yami so that the others wouldn’t make fun of him.  Situations like this are being repeated over and over and the students are learning better each time how to hear God’s voice in evangelism…and seeing hard hearts softened by specific words of the Lord. Escribe aquí tu párrafo.